Bad Honnef
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Why to study in Bad Honnef?


Bad Honnef’s privileged position at the foothills of the Siebengebirge mountains creates an exclusive ambience which has earned it the sobriquet ‘The Nice of the Rhineland’. The city lies across the slopes of the Drachenfels mountain and looks out across the eclectic panoramas of the region’s volcanic topography. This stronghold of fresh air would be the perfect study destination for lovers of the outdoors.



Bad Honnef also has culture, business and industry to offer, many federal institutions are placed here, and the town is a prestigious venue for international conferences and congresses. If the thought of an idyllically situated political center appeals to you, then perhaps studying in Bad Honnef is the right fit for you.


Students studying in Bad Honnef can admire the magnificent Gründerzeit villas and pruned urban parks that characterize the ‘Rhenish Nice’. Although Bad Honnef has the highest purchasing power of the towns in North Rhine-Westphalia, and its percentage of millionaires is also one of the highest, it is more than an idyllic spa town for leisure-seekers and high-rollers. Thanks to its proximity to the former German capital of Bonn, Bad Honnef is of national political importance – one of the city’s proudest legacies is that of Konrad Adenauer, first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany.


Things to do in Bad Honnef


Nature – Bad Honnef is strewn across the slopes of the Drachenfels. The brooding rock and its resident ruins became something of a symbol during the romantic era, visited by Lord Byron and appearing in Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage. Thus popularized, the Drachenfels is now one of the region’s top tourist attractions and a must-see for students of history and literature. Indeed, the whole Siebengebirge region, much of which belongs to the Sieben Hills Nature Park, is an attraction – the park consists of rolling peaks, rocky outcrops and vast beech forests, complete with incomparable views of the Rhine Valley.


Art and Culture – Situated on a wooded escarpment facing a series of medieval castles and partially housed in a nineteenth century railway station, the Arp Museum displays art by the Dadaist master Hans Arp and his circle, as well as an impressive collection of old masters. It also organizes many cultural events that will entice students of the arts. History buffs should visit the Foundation Federal Chancellor Adenauer House, the former home and resting place of the First German Chancellor. This fascinating exhibit traces the history of the German Empire through the Weimar Republic and National Socialism to the postwar years and era of the Federal Republic of Germany.



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