Travel and Study all Around the World

With the most innovative handball academy located in Spain that offers young players, boys and girls from around the world, a unique way to improve in sport, education and socially.

This program features partnerships with federations, clubs and the most important companies in the world of handball which allows us to offer athletes unique opportunities to train and play in the best teams in Spain enjoying one of the most demanding and competitive world leagues.

The philosophy of the HANDBALL Program is based on the fact that the handball player must enjoy, learn and train athletically in the best teams in Spain, having the possibility to play against teams like FC Barcelona.

This program provides all the tools necessary for a healthy sporting development, learning a new language and knowledge of a new culture through the sporting-educational tandem.

The HANDBALL program is aimed at young handball players from all over the world, aged between 8 and 18, where the length of stay will depend on the level that the athlete wants to achieve.


Type of accommodation



The hall of residence has a caretaker and 24-hour security. Rooms have a capacity of 2 to 4 people. Each player has a cupboard, bed, desk, chair and shelf, and there is a shared mini-fridge. Shared bathrooms. The hall of residence has WiFi and a lounge with TV and Play Station.



All host families are located close to the sports facilities and are well connected by public transport. There is a choice of single or shared room, WIFI access and the majority have a private bathroom. Families will adapt to the specific food diets of the athletes.