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Why to study in Lausanne?



Living in Lausanne

Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland offers some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes with an eclectic cultural heritage. Switzerland constantly ranks as one of the top 10 safest countries in the world, and it has held the top spot in the WIPO Global Innovation Index since 2011.


The ideal place for your studies

Switzerland is also a multilingual country with a culturally diverse population and growing expat community. You’ll have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, enhance your cross-cultural skills, learn new languages and develop a global mindset.

Students can benefit from the school’s close proximity to many international organizations and large corporations in the Geneva Lake region. Well known for its banking, commercial and tourism infrastructure, Switzerland ranks among the world’s 20 largest economies and hosts 15 Fortune 500 companies.

Culture and leisure

Switzerland’s mountains, valleys, lakes and glaciers offer students the chance to indulge in year-round outdoor activities. From water sports to cross-country skiing, not to mention a magnificent 18-hole golf course, there is something for any individual or team looking for extracurricular activities. Lausanne is the ideal setting for all types of sports.

Switzerland is also a real paradise for contemporary art and culture aficionados. There are a vast range of attractions such as museums, galleries and world-renowned festivals of music, as well as its own little corner of theatre and literature spots.




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