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Martinique, the French Caribbean


Martinique is located between the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic ocean. The island has aprox. 350 km of beaches and it is a part of France. With a unique combination of croissants and palm trees Martinique represents a fashionable and elegant island.

From the seaside, town visitors can see the ruins of a prison and church that still stand from the volcano’s destructive path.

The island is borded by turquoise waters and coconut tres. Martinique is also known as the ‘Island of Flowers’. The average anual temperature is 26 °C.


The school is located in the capital Fort-de-France, the port town that is also the economic and commercial centre of the island.


Types of courses:

  • General French (Standard, Intensive, Combined)
  • Professional French (Business, Hospitality, Medical, Legal, Diplomatic)
  • French & Sport (kitesurf, diving)


Types of Accomodation:

  • Tourism residence
  • Host Families
  • Guest House
  • Hotels





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