Milan language school
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Milan is the city that never sleeps and Italy’s creative capital. The most international of all Italian cities, it offers the possibility to meet people from all around the world who are there studying, working and having fun together. The fashion addicts will feel right at home here.

Milan is the main industrial, commercial, and financial center as well as the second most populous city in Italy. It is the fashion and luxury capital of Europe, specializing in all things design related. It is a magnetic point for designers, artists, photographers and models. The city is vibrant and lively, both day and night, thanks to its fantastic restaurants, discos, cinemas and bars. You will also find marvelous historical cafes, boutiques of the biggest names of Italian fashion, famous theaters and avant-garde museums.

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Types of courses:

General Course

  • Intensive course, Super intensive course, One-to-One course

Professional Courses

  • Business Italian
  • The Language of Tourism
  • Italian for Banking and Finance
  • Italian for Flight Attendants
  • Italian for Law
  • Italian for Healthcare
  • Italian for the Hotel Industry
  • The Language of Fashion
  • The Language of Wine and Food
  • The Language of the Libretti (Opera)

Tour of Italy

  • 4 cities (Florence, Rome, Siena Milano), the minimum stay in each one is at least one week
  • You will change city every week, according to your choice, between Florence, Milan, Rome and Siena.
  • Intensive course

Preparation courses for studying at University in Italy

  • The preparation course for architectural studies in Italy
  • The preparation course for medical studies in Italy
  • Italian language Preparatory course for Fashion and Design Academies

Academic Year

  • 32 week language and culture course for students who wish to experience living and studying in Italy

History of Art Course

  • Celtic Tribes to Roman Empire
  • Early Christian Milan to the foundation of the Commune
  • Medieval Milan and Visconti lordship
  • The Sforza family and the Renaissance
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • The Spanish domination
  • French and Austrian domination
  • Restoration, Revival, and the Kingdom of Italy
  • Fascism and Rationalism

Italian cooking course

  • The course is based on one meeting of approx. 3 hours a week.
  • During each lesson the students prepare and cook a different complete menu that consists of typical dishes of Italian cuisine in the tradition of genuine simplicity.

Italian wines course

  • An opportunity to visit a renowned wine bar
  • How to read the label of a bottle of Italian wine
  • The classification of Italian wines
  • The traditional techniques of cultivation, fermentation and ageing used in Italy
  • Wine tasting and terminology
  • Wine production in Italy and its consumption
  • New developments and non traditional wines

Art, Fashion and Design courses

Preparation Course for Fashion Shows

  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Minimum level required: B1 (on request it can be taught in English)
  • In the first two weeks, you will have 4 professional Italian lessons a day, in the following week the language course is dedicated to visiting showrooms, catwalks and exhibitions that take place in Milan in certain periods like ‘Male Fashion Week’, ‘Female Fashion Week’ and ‘Advanced Fashion Collections’

Music courses

  • Instrument courses
  • Singing and Diction for Singers
  • The Language of Libretti