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Milan is the main industrial, commercial, and financial center as well as the second most populous city in Italy. It is the fashion and luxury capital of Europe, specializing in all things design related. Milan is home to many cultural institutions, museums and art galleries that account for a tenth of the national total of tourists in Italy. Filled with hundreds of shops, Milan is also one of the top destinations for shopping. This modern city is known for its world-class art, architecture, design, business and finance activities, and fashion.

It has an enviable higher education system, which includes 7 universities, 48 faculties and 142 departments, with the largest number of university graduates and postgraduates in Italy.


Finance, economics and business study…

Milan is home to Italy’s Stock Exchange (the Borsa Italiana) and the headquarters of the largest national and international banks and companies. With its business district that includes Telecom, Fortune 500 companies, a strong automotive manufacturing industry, and famous global companies like Giorgio Armani, Bugatti, and Pirelli, Milan is known as the business capital of Italy that offers a dynamic international business setting. Milan is host to some of the most important Italian and European shows every year. It is the site of Italy’s biggest trade fair centre. All the main consulting firms have offices in Milan.

One of the most well-known universities in this field of studies includes the Bocconi University, a private management and finance school established in 1902, ranking as the seventh best business school in Europe.


Fashion and Design…

Are you still wondering if studying fashion and design in Milan sounds like a great idea?

The world fashion capital Milan will take you through the designers’ retail heaven, along the Via Monte Napoleone and Via della Spiga, known as the “quadrilatero della moda” (upscale fashion district).

Gucci, Versace, Prada, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana are all headquartered in Milan.

As Milan is famous for its design and fashion culture, it is only natural that their education system corresponds to this. Some of these are the European Institute of Design, Istituto Marangoni, a prestigious fashion institute and the Domus Academy, a private postgraduate institute of design, fashion, architecture, interior design and management.


Art and Architecture…

You will have a unique opportunity to face some very well-known monuments like Duomo, the fifth largest Christian church in the world, visit the Teatro alla Scala which is one of the world’s most famous opera house, to see the artistic detail of Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” in person, find classical manuscripts at the Biblioteca Ambrosiana…

The Politecnico di Milano is the oldest university in Milan and the largest technical university in Italy. It is made up of 9 schools of engineering, architecture and industrial design.



There is also the University of Milan Bicocca, a multidisciplinary public university, the IULM University of Milan, specializing in marketing, information and communications technology, the school of medicine; Università Vita Salute San Raffaele, linked to the San Raffaele hospital, is home to research facilities specializing in many different fields.

Whether you want to learn/improve your language skills, study business, economics, art, fashion or social sciences, or learn about luxury goods, there are a variety of fantastic programs to choose from.


About The Italian University System…

The universuty system in Italy is organized in 3 academic cycles:


1st cycle  (Primo Ciclo – Laurea triennale) Degree programme – Bachelor’s degree, 3 years (total 180 ECTS)


2nd cycle (Secondo Ciclo – Laurea Magistrale) Degree programme – Master’s degree , 2 years (total 120 ECTS)


Long single-cycle Degree programme –  Master’s degree, 5+ years (total 360 ECTS)


Short specialization (Master I Level – Master di I livello) –Specialisaton certificate, 1-2 years (minimum 60 ECTS)


Short specialization (Master II Level – Master di II livello) –Specialisaton certificate, 1-2 years (minimum 60 ECTS)


Specialisation programmeSpecialisation Degree, 1-5 year(s) (60-300 ECTS)


3rd cycle (Terzo Ciclo – Dottorato di ricerca)Doctoral degree


Exams are graded according to a scale ranging from 0 to 30, with 18 as a passing mark. The mínimum passing mark for the final degree is 66/110, and máximum is 110/110.

The academic year in Italy consists of two semesters: the first starts in September/October and ends in January/February; the second starts in February and ends in July. The start and finish dates depend on the university but each semester lasts around 20 weeks: a teaching period lasting around 14 weeks and an exam period lasting around 6 weeks. 

Exams are held after the teaching period; they are mainly oral, although some courses will have written tests, which take place during the semester or before the oral exam.







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