How Much Do You Know About Munich?
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How Much Do You Know About Munich?

The city of Munich has the lowest unemployment rate (4.8%) of all German cities, has the highest standard of living (lowest crime rate among all large cities), and is considered the IT hub of Europe.

As you can imagine the demand for studying in Munich is very high.

Here are a few reasons why Munich is an ideal location  to pursue your studies and to start a career:


1. Munich is the economic locomotive of Germany
Siemens, BMW, MunichRE, Allianz and many other global players are headquartered in Munich and offer employment opportunities while studying (internships) and after graduation with the assistance from us.
We also do direct placements with the network of our corporate partners. We placed students from the last Fall semester at CEWE Multicolor and with start-up companies such as eCozy.

2. We invest into the student’s development by hiring Senior Executives (teaching as freelancers) who are well experienced but come at a certain price in a city like Munich. Once the students graduate they become faculty’s ambassadors and we want to be proud of our graduates.

3. We offer a wide array of networking opportunities: AGBC (American German Business Club), Dutch Business Club, ISPO (largest sports and leisure expo worldwide), Unternehmerkonferenz. Sascha Liebhardt has recently presented on ISPO Munich.

4. Here we offer a more practically oriented approach including but not limited to guest lecturers and company visits, extracurricular activities and events (ToastMasters and German American club hosted on campus).

5. The number of public holidays is Munich is more than any other German city. So our students have better chances to explore nearby European countries like: Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and more.

6. Besides having BMW headquarter and museum in Munich, we have No speed limit on highways (Autobahn) so for car lovers it is heaven.

7. Munich is well-known for its festivals and events like: Oktoberfest, Winter Tollwood, Summer Tollwood, Kocherlball, Frühlingsfest (Spring Festival), Kaltenberg  City Foundation Festival, Knights Tournament, Opera Festival, Christmas Markets and more.

8. The Isar river and lakes present ideal atmospheres for picnicking and swimming. BBQs are also allowed at selected locations and when the weather is pleasant, crowds emerge to take in the perfect setting.


These are just some of the reasons why Munich is the best place to study and start your career. Want to learn more? Contact us now!

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