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Nice is located on the French Riviera and it is the fifth largest city in France.

It is the administrative center of the Alpes-Maritimes region. Enriched with historical monuments, museums, restaurants, shopping centres and spectacular hotels, Nice is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. Upon the opening of the Acropolis convention center and the Sophia Antipolis university, this city has become one of the largest centers for historical, scientific and advanced technological research.

Famous for it’s beaches, it’s close location to the Alps, great connection to other European countries ( large amount of low cost airlines), rich culture and amazing nightlife , this city is a great choice to study in. Also, due to it’s location, it is easy to organize trips to other cities in France, as well as to Italy, Corsica and Spain.

Given the large number of universities situated in Nice, students have the opportunity to choose from many different fields of study.

Altough, the university of philology and linguistics is at the forefront, the business, politics, law, history and science universities don’t fall shortly behind.