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“Learn English in one of the world’s oldest and most famous university cities!”


The school is located in the beautiful village of Wheatley, on the village’s main street and is beside local shops, cafés and restaurants, 10 kms from Oxford city center. Average class size is 6 students, which allows you to learn English more intensively. Maximum is 9 students per class. This school is accredited by IALC and British Council. School contains amazing students gardens. Wheatley provides a friendly, safe and traditional British village environment, ideal for students learning English.


Type of Courses


  • Standard General English Course
  • 20 lessons per week, from Beginner to Advance level
  • Lessons are held every morning, from Monday to Friday. Students are then free in the afternoons to join the exciting social programme.
  • Students will work on improving the skills involved with speaking, listening, reading and writing, so that they can improve their comprehension and communicate more freely. They will work on their linguistic knowledge, increasing their vocabulary and deepening their understanding of the grammar and structure of the language.


  • Intensive General English Course
  • From Beginner to Advance level
  • The Intensive General English Course is suitable for students who want to maximise on work carried out in the Standard Course.
  • Morning lessons follow the same programme as the Standard Course. There are also three afternoon lessons a week which are focused on improving the students’ speaking skills and ability to communicate through English.


  • Combination Course
  • From Beginner to Advance level
  • Morning lessons follow the same programme as the Standard Course. There are two afternoons a week of one-to-one lessons, designed to meet the individual requirements of each student. All students receive a final report detailing their progress and outlining future areas for attention.


  • Standard General English and IELTS Preparation Course


  • This course focuses on improving students’ English, as well as on developing their exam techniques. At the end of each week, students will be given a progress test.


  • Cambridge Examination Preparation Courses (FCE + CAE)


  • The Cambridge Examination Preparation Courses are designed to prepare students for one of the following Cambridge Examinations:

»»First Certificate in English (FCE)

»»Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)

  • The Cambridge Examinations usually take place four times a year in March, June, August and December, so the courses are scheduled to finish on the week before the exam date.


  • English Professional Course
  • School offers One-to-One tuition for business and professional people who wish to make the maximum amount of progress, in the shortest possible time.
  • School offers the following specialized English courses:

»»Executive Courses

»»English for International Law

»»Courses for Business People, The Financial Industry & Insurance Personnel

»»English Course for Medical Personnel

»»English Course for Aviation Personnel





Type of Accommodation


Homestay and self-catering residential accommodation is available all year round. One of the best ways for students to improve their English speaking is to choose homestay accommodation. Family life is informal and the people are welcoming, friendly and talkative, so students will have plenty of opportunities to practice speaking English.




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