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Why to study in Rome?


Your university years should be more than an opportunity for intellectual exploration. Choosing to study in Rome, Italy, will allow you the unique opportunity to become part of a city that is not only a modern European capital grounded in rich cultural traditions, but is also an incredible living museum with thousands of years of history to explore.

Cultural Traditions 

Rome is a city unlike any other. The city’s 50+ museums and 900+ churches house world-renowned paintings, frescoes, and sculptures. The cobblestoned streets and majestic piazzas are architectural masterpieces in themselves, and the city is home to no less than 12 Unesco World Heritage sites. 

Rome is home to 24 Italian and international colleges and universities, This enormous student population adds to the city’s energy and creates an exciting atmosphere for university studies, where students find endless possibilities for student associations, academic research, and international exchange.



Roman Lifestyle

Rome has something to offer everyone. With its wide variety of designer outlets, department stores and open markets, the city is a paradise for fashion lovers. Those in search of festivals, fairs, and shows will find countless national and international events throughout the city on a daily basis. Food lovers will be in heaven; Roman cuisine is world-famous for a reason, and the city’s many Italian and international restaurants allow customers to experience countless dishes and traditions.







  • Alta Moda, Fashion Design
  • Design Dell’acdessorio- pelletteria, calzatura, occhiale
  • Creative Knitwear Design
  • L’arte e il Mestiere del Costumista per l’opera Lirica e il Balletto
  • Fashion Jewelry

          Alta Formazione

  • Design Moda
  • Comunicazione di Moda

        Intensive Courses

  • Visual Merchandising
  • Fashion Marketing and Advertising
    Prototipazione Borse e Scarpe
  • Modellistica 3D
  • Bijou e Gioiello

         Summer Courses

  • Introduzione al Design de Moda e Degli Accessori
  • Introduzione alla Comunicazione di moda e allo Styling

Introduzione al Constume