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This summer in our offer we are including weekly tennis camps for players of all levels and ages. The players can freely choose the duration and the dates of their stay in the high performance tennis academy specialising in the development of young tennis players. The academy is located 20km from Barcelona and includes 7 clay courts, 9 Green-Set hard courts and all the modern facilities for fitness, injury prevention and supporting sports activities, including a swimming pool.

Other facilities include accommodation, school, restaurant and other on-site service facilities, such as physiotherapist, stringing and laundry services.

The Academy has taken numerous players to top performance level.

Weekly camps offer a personalised approach where the individual needs of each player are taken into consideration. You can even participate in the tournaments program if you stay for a minimun of two weeks.

The tennis camp players follow the same training schedule as the full time players. The trainings on court take 3h15min and you have 2 hours of physical training. After the training, players can take Spanish and/or English lessons

privately or in groups. During the summer time, tennis camp participants may

enroll in additional excursions during the weekends.

Players under 18 years old can lodge in the residence on site.