Tips to making your relocation easier!
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Tips to making your relocation easier!

At Travel2Study family, we know how hard it is for students to move to a different city, especially if it is for a set period of time. We would like to share with you some tips that will make your relocation easier. The tips mostly refer to our hometown Barcelona, but you can find these stores all over the Europe.


We know you are worried about packing and airline companies’ luggage limitations. That is why we would like to offer you an alternative – don’t waste your time packing basic things! At Primark, you can find all kinds of textile products which are surprisingly cheap. We have checked out all the stores so you don’t have to and Primark will offer you the best quality/price ratio, especially when it comes to home textile. Products are so cheap that you can use them during your short stay and give them away to the people in need when you return home. Primark will save you from the trouble of packing, long hours of shopping and spending money on basic textile products. You can find the nearest store here:



Tiger is a wonderful store, where shopping is pure fun. You’ll spend hours exploring it and enjoy every last minute of it. Tiger sells its own brand, which is both simple and colorful, with an unmistakable Scandinavian touch. There you can find all kinds of imaginative products to give your new home the right finishing touch and all of it at reasonable prices. However, be careful not to get carried away, lest you end up with thousands of peculiar products and no more room to store them. 🙂 It is also ideal for souvenirs when you go home for a visit – you can find funny toys for youngsters, and colorful and impressive design products that everyone likes. For the nearest stores go to: (


Ok, this one is a no brainer. We all know that Ikea is the first place to go to when you are moving to a new place, so this is not a surprising tip. However, we would like to give the students moving to Barcelona a tip how to get there. It is hard to find you way around a new city when you have moved there only recently. Unless you’re in Barcelona! All you have to do is find the buses L94,L95 from Plaza Cataluna to Ikea and it will take only 20 minutes and 1 single ticket to go there. So, don’t wait, hop on the bus and begin decorating your room with Ikea!


Airport pick-up


Finally, we would like to talk about our airport pick-up service. Imagine yourself travelling all the way to Barcelona with huge luggage, and needing to figure out how to get to your new place, and transport the bags, so that you can finally unpack and relax. No one wants to have to figure that one out. That is why our pick-up service is the ideal solution. With the help of Travel2Study, you can avoid all kinds of complications and enjoy your new place!