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Why to study in Vienna?

Vienna is the largest university city in the German-speaking world and home to a large student population. As a result, the city has a vibrant student vibe and it caters well for its student residents. Vienna’s high quality of life attracts students and professionals from across the globe.



Great Student Accommodation


Across the board, rooms are in great locations, and are comfortable and well-equipped with student facilities. Students are spoilt for choice when it comes to student accommodation in Vienna.


Vienna is nicknamed the ‘City of Music’, and for good reasons. Mozart and Beethoven are just two of history’s greatest composers that lived in Vienna.

Beautiful architecture

From historic bridges and Baroque buildings to contemporary architecture, Vienna is the perfect blend of old and new, in some parts of the city, the mix of tradition and modernity is quite striking.


University Foundation

We assist international students with university admission to Austrian public universities (Bachelor, Master or PhD), as well as to the public high schools. We offer a wide range of language courses, university foundation programmes and educational services.



 Medical Education in Austria – the medicine foundation program

We offer a preparation program for students without prior knowledge of German for the best medical schools in Austria. the success rate of our graduates is over 90%.

 Prestigious yet Affordable

Our highlight is the quality of the education as well as the ability to offer programmes for each budget, making the education in Austria affordable for every student. We have developed a number of programmes for each and every budget – from 4.000 to 15.000 EUR by combining our courses with the public pre-university programmes. 


Foundation Pathways


  • Biological and Pharmaceutical Degrees

T- Course

  • Maths, Science
  • Technical and Engineering degrees


  • Business, Economics
  • Social Science Degrees


  • Humanity Degrees
  • German Studies

Degree Courses

  • Molecular Medicine
  • Human Medicine
  • Dentistry

German Courses and OSD Exams

  • Easy German
  • Super German

ÖSD & ÖIF Examinations

·      Level A1

·      Level A2

·      Level B1/B2


English courses

·      Weekend English

·      Easy English

·      Business English


IELTS / TOEFL Preparation